Alan Goulbourne - Bait Ball and Thumbprint


Alan Goulbourne’s sculpture stands 7.5’ in the round made of roughly 2,000 blocks of wood, generically cut and shaped to abstractly represent a mass of individual marks moving harmoniously as a single entity. The structure is inspired by a bait ball formation, which occurs when a shoal of fish becomes threatened by predators, predominantly dolphins, who herd sardines into this spherical shape making it easier to disperse and single out prey. Alan’s work has been inspired by swarm intelligence and the role that it plays continuously and subtly throughout all organisms.


“I aim for the sculpture to highlight the need and dynamics of community and its importance in terms of security and strength, but at the same time I wish to bring attention to the squeezing of communities in Hesters Way by corporate predators and businesses that have and will further continue to isolate and decimate the local communities fuelling a vicious cycle of neglect”