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details of the award winners announced on Friday 20 February

at the preview of the open west


Major Award Winner
Masaki Yada
Lost Image in Memories Op.7
acrylic and oil on board, 2008



This work, part of a series, is Masaki’s homage to, and a modern form of, the 17th century Dutch style of vanitas. It is a highly skilled and strange painting, loaded with symbolism. Fine detail layered with dynamic brush strokes results in a compelling and intense work.  



Award Winner
Rachel Cunningham
Quiet Transfer
lightjet photographic prints, 2008

Rachel’s series ‘Quiet Transfer’ explores the Arab-Israeli conflict through the Israeli policy of house demolition and settlement expansion in East Jerusalem. The images show fragments of Palestinian houses demolished in 2007-2008. These still life images are shot in the style of archeological or museum artefacts, lit with inky

blackness and high contrast, and resonate with religious

and political importance.



Award Winner
Naoko Miyazaki
Dawn- just the birth of another day
paper, 2008



This 10m paper sculpture towers above the other works but is fragile, ethereal and almost invisible. Naoko’s infinite patience and vision, refined skill and endeavour shine through with this piece.




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