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2011 award winners

Shan Hur, Helen Murgatroyd,

Ellen Nolan and David Theobald

in an exhibition of new work

at Gardens Gallery

Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham

7 to 13 September

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Shan Hur, The Bricks, timber, concrete, 2011

Shan Hur, The Bricks (detail)

Helen Murgatroyd, Class 21-3 courgettes (max 8 inches), installation detail

Helen Murgatroyd, Class 21-3 courgettes (max 8 inches), lino print, 2011



Ellen Nolan, Untitled (Mirror), c-type print (detail)

Ellen Nolan, Untitled (Changing Room), c-type print, 2011

David Theobald, Workers' Playtime, digital animation (music: 'Calling All Workers', Eric Coates 1942, 2011



details of the the open west 2011 award winners' work




 Shan Hur

 Broken Pillar


 installation, mixed media 



 Helen Murgatroyd

  Five Onions Printing Jig


  installation, mixed media



  Ellen Nolan

  Noah, Harold and Francesca

   c-type print


  David Theobald


  video, digital animation








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