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the open west 2015


44 artists have been selected for the exhibition at

The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

16 May to 28 June



Sue Williams A'Court

Reginald Aloysius

Marcus Armitage

Beatrix Baker

Alex Burgess

Qiaoxi Chen

Eugenia Cuellar

Alison Dalwood

Alice Dunseath

Oliver Eglin

Anna Freeman Bentley

Noelle Gallagher

Maria Paz Garcia

Steph Goodger

Richard Goold

Tina Hage

Niki Hare

Ann-Marie James

Emily Joy

Trevor Kiernander

Shinwook Kim

Arnold Koroshegyi


Aiko Kubo

Christine Lucy Latimer

Iavor Lubomirov + Bella Easton

John McDonald

Anastasia Mina

Ben Jack Nash

Jinhee Park

Alex Ramsay

Ian Rayer-Smith

Tom Richardson

Tim Ridley

Tom Rodgers

Demetris Shammas

Tim Simmons

Richard Starbuck

Shahar Tuchner

Nicolas Vionnet

Jonathan Wade

Nicole Weisz

Deborah Westmancoat

Gillian Widden

Angela Li Zhenxiang



2015 panel - the open west curators Lyn Cluer Coleman and Sarah Goodwin, with artists Neville Gabie and Alastair Gordon


the open west is an annual open submission exhibition inviting work from national and international artists

practising contemporary and conceptual art


Work submitted includes painting, installation, film and sound, textile, photography,

ceramics, drawing, print, performance and sculpture


The Curators' Award and the University of Gloucestershire Award will be presented on the night of the private view


the open west 2015 offers opportunities for artists to participate in an education programme and artist talks



the open west 2015 is supported by The Wilson, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Borough Council and Griffith Clarke


07594 354 791

    07714 242 522


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